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Having Migraines? Know the triggers

Making a few minor changes in your lifestyle can make your migraines more bearable. The key to migraine prevention is migraine prediction. Past experience can teach you what triggers your migraine. Keeping a migraine diary will provide useful information regarding the pattern of your headaches.
Common triggers:

1) Improve sleep habits. Improving sleep habits is especially important for those with headaches. Irregular sleeping habits (sleeping too much or too little).

2) Avoid food triggers. Avoiding foods that trigger migraine is an important preventative measure.
    a. Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
    b. Processed or cured meats containing nitrates
    c. Biltong (South African cured beef)
    d. Chocolate
    e. Citrus fruits
    f. Aged cheeses

3) Weather fluctuations – particularly from dry to humid conditions and bright overcast days

4) Caffeine and alcohol; Beer; Red Wine

5) Changes in temperature-such as when taking a hot bath

6) Not eating regular meals; skipping meals; or fasting

7) Allergies

8) Glaring or flickering lights (water reflections, televisions, party – strobe lights)

9) Smoking

10) Stress

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